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Bong Bong Ice Auto-Filling & Sealing Machines
Filling and sealing processing: 
 (1).Open power then in the "filling area "to place by manpower plastic bottles on the running 
 (2).While the running chain is in "filling area", the pump starts to fill, in showering, bottle with 
       material till it is filled in. 
 (3).The auto-cam will extrude the over material from bottle while it is out of the "filling area". 
 (4).When entering the "heating area", it will heat bottle entrance fro sealing. 
 (5).Then it will pass the "sealing area" and be sealed. 
 (6).The product is completed. 
P.S.:The only manpower needed is to place bottle on the chain, the others are automatic continuously. 
 (1) Every hour can produce ice-pole 3300 pcs. 
 (2) Plastic bottle is made of PE through hollow forming machine. 
 (3) The bottle is soft its entrance diameter is 9mm, capacity: 90-180c.c.
 (4) It is unable to fill in with too glued, ball material. 
 (5) It is available for filling every shape bag of Bang-Bang Ice as well as available for 
     red tea, winter melon tea, coca cola, soda, egg ice°Ketc. 
   Motor: 1/2 PH  electric heat: 800W°—2  Net weight: 176kg 
               Gross weight: 322.5kg  Case weight: 146.5kg 
   Dimension:(H) 1660mm°—(W)580mm°—(L)1630mm 
   Case dimension:(H) 1810mm°—(W)730mm°—(L)1780mm


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